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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Gunther Home Inspections

Here is what the experts are saying:

Consider having a pre-listing inspection performed. Buyers will be hiring professional inspectors; here's your chance to address problems in advance.  
~ "Before Your Home Is Listed"

First impressions are very important, so make it count. How your property looks directly impacts how quickly it will sell and whether or not you will get full market value for it. ~ The Home Selling Process -

 The home selling process begins months prior to listing your property. The biggest question you should be asking yourself is: Am I ready to sell? What would make your home appealing? Does it need paint, repairs, etc.? Your goal is to make sure that your home is attractive to buyers, so get the work done before marketing the property. ~ "Thinking of Selling Your Home?" - Greater Rochester Association of Realtors

If a pre-listing home inspection is done and the seller makes and documents the repairs made, once a contract is received, negotiations between the buyer and seller will go much smoother and a lot less emotional for the seller. ~ Kevin Rhodes, Keller Williams -

 Sellers, say agents, are wise to get a home inspection of their own before they put their house on the market. That way, they can make minor repairs before putting up a "for sale" sign. They can also give buyers a complete list of disclosures, which is required as part of the contract.  ~ Sarah Max -

There is nothing but benefits to you in having a pre-listing inspection performed.
~ Patrick McMahon -

Without question the best thing home sellers should do is to have a pre-listing home inspection performed prior to placing their home on the market to gain a better understanding of the true condition of your property and give you an edge over your competitors.  ~ Mike Chamberlain -

If you are putting your home up for sale, should you consider having your own building inspection? Should this be part of your "pre-sale home improvement" process? The answer is "Yes." ~ Bob Mori -

Home sellers need a professional inspection and report to protect themselves from liability of future non-disclosure claims. A pre-listing inspection also provides sellers with appropriate condition information, used to price and prepare their home for sale. When repairs are needed, the seller can price-shop bids and choose the contractor without feedback of a potential buyer. The seller can disclosure adverse conditions they decide not to repair, offering them some relief of liabilities carried in re-sale real estate transactions. The report helps in marketing to potential buyers, providing up-front information to determine if maintaining this home will meet their financial position. ~ Joanne Perkins - 

While it may seem like an unnecessary expense to hire your own home inspector before putting your home on the market, doing so can really pay off.  
~ Amy Fontinelle -

If you're selling a home in today's cutthroat housing market, you can use all the help you can get. One relatively simple thing you can do to stand out from other sellers is to get a prelisting home inspection.

It's standard procedure for a homebuyer to order up a home inspection. But springing for a home inspection when you are the seller can pay you back big time if you're able to close more quickly.  ~ Shannon Dauphin -

It's hard to sell a home in the current market so sellers are loathe to spend too much money. One area that is worth looking at is a pre-listing home inspection.  

Best practices in today's buyers' markets dictate one of the best things sellers can do to facilitate a sale is to conduct a pre-listing property inspection by a certified inspector, and have it readily available for potential buyers. The more information buyers have will aid in the negotiations...  ~

Prelisting home inspections are no longer a rarity; instead, they're becoming a valuable part of any seller's marketing. It's estimated that the number of homeowners choosing to conduct a Prelisting home inspection has increased to 85% in the last one to two years.  ~ Alison Markham -

With a pre-listing inspection your home could sell faster and for more money without any renegotiations because results of the inspection will be presented ahead of time. Your potential buyer will be reassured about the condition of the home from the detailed inspection report. A pre-inspected listing will also give you the ability to fix any problems and deal with any issues ahead of time, so there won't be any surprises.  ~

Powerful benefits of a prelisting inspection: Receive top-dollar for your home, Sell your home faster, reduce the chance of price renegotiations, avoid closing delays, reduce your liability through full disclosure, provide proof to buyers of your home's condition, reduce the chance for unpleasant surprises from the buyer's inspection  

What a seller home inspection does guarantee, though, is evidence that you have spent the time and money to make sure that the house is without defect. In addition, if you get into a contract squabble over repairs at contract time, you will have evidence backing up your position. ~


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